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  1. Opencart PayPal Payments Advanced -Make payment transactions without redirection and increase customer retention by using this payment module. OpenCart PayPal Payment Advanced is a OpenCart extension, which integrates with the OpenCart eCommerce Software to accept credit card payments quickly and affordably with PayFlow Payment Gateway through PayPal Partner. OpenCart Paypal Payment Advanced module supports, Authorize & Capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature. It also provides facilities for cancel/ void any unsettled transactions. It also supports refund amount from configuration page. OpenCart Paypal Payment Advanced Module purchase is valid for one domain/ website and for installation in subsequent domains/ websites, a separate license needs to be purchased. Features: PayPal only charges $5/month for this service Payments can be accepted within the ecommerce site (without redirection) Supports `Authorize & Capture`, `Authorize only & Capture later` feature. Supports refund feature from the configuration page. Module works with both the Paypal Payment Advanced Account / Payflow link Account Accept Credit Card payments and process through PayPal Advanced payment gateway integration